International cargo and Aviation service

International Cargo and Aviation Services (ICAS) is a licensed full ground handling service provider in Ethiopia.

Ground Handling Service

Passenger services

  • Check-in services
  • Arrival and transfer services
  • Gate services
  • Lost and found services
  • Special passenger and VIP services

Cargo services

  • Cargo handling service 
  • Mail handling
  • Document handling(Import and export)
  • Cargo ramp service/Transportation
  • Special Cargo handling
  • Warehousing

Other Services

  • Catering services facilitation
  • Customs cleaning
  • Fuel service facilitation
  • Cargo delivery

Ramp handling

  • Aircraft loading | unloading
  • Baggage sorting and transportation
  • Cabin cleaning
  • GPU ,ASU
  • A/C Push Back
  • Unit Load device control
  • Aircraft dispatch
  • Toilet cleaning service
  • Potable water supply services